Rip Rinse Repeat: About Us


woman with floral headdress lying on green leaf plants
Ezekixl Akinnewu

Frustrated with the current stoner-burn-out narrative surrounding marijuana, we decided to construct our own culture to show the world that yes, you can smoke some dank bud on a Saturday, and still be the top performer at work on Monday morning. What, like it’s hard?

We hope to contribute to a reimagined culture of marijuana consumption.

One that incorporates dignity and community without appropriating or belittling other cultures/ individuals through representations of marijuana culture as it has historically existed (i.e. Bob Marley depicted as only a stoner not a dynamic human and talented musician, hyper sexualized woman smoking, taking big brands in other sectors and making them grotesque by parody, etc.).

Here at Rip, Rinse, Repeat, you will find an introduction on cannabis, what it is, how it works, and more on etiquette and terms. We will share ways that we use cannabis to enhance our weekends. You’ll also find a mosaic of cultural objects and happenings tangent to or directly surrounding weed that contribute to the beautiful identity cannabis finally deserves.

It’s more of a lifestyle.






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